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Princess Ashe wears the Mask by Jokerisdaking Princess Ashe wears the Mask by Jokerisdaking
Commissioned by me :iconjokerisdaking:

Drawn and colored by :iconslayde-vasiere:

The Masked Princess of Dalmasca

Princess Ashelia of Dalmasca walked through the marketplace on her way to the ruined areas of her city, her new bodyguard Cloud walking behind her. Looking through the marketplace filled her heart with joy seeing her people finally living freely in their kingdom once again. Everywhere she looked she could see people finally happy and having fun, things that were denied them for a long time. Briefly her heart twinged with envy, wondering when she too could finally let her hair down a little and have some fun herself but she quickly pushed the traitorous feeling away; she had a job to. With that though Ahse continued on her way through the market.

Princess Ashe finally reached her destination, one of the ruined areas of the city of Rabanastre, the damage caused by the final battle with Vayne, the Bahamut and the Archadian Empire apparent to her everywhere she looked. Standing amongst the ruined buildings was a bittersweet moment for the stoic Princess Ashe, the ruined area before her both symbolizing the suffering of her people as well as being a symbol of their freedom from Archadia after nearly three years of occupation. However, now was the time to put all of this horror behind them and begin to rebuild. That was the reason Princess Ashe was standing here now amongst the rubble of destroyed buildings; she needed to assess the damages for herself before she could meet with her advisors and begin the plans for repairs. It was as Princess Ashe walked amongst the damages that a strange site caught her attention. Underneath the now broken foundation of a destroyed building was a secret tunnel. Princess Ashe was consumed by curiosity, why would somebody build a chamber and a passageway and then build a building overtop it making the chamber forever inaccessible? Immediately her thoughts led her to ponder if perhaps there was a dangerous piece of Nethecite down there, it was the only thing she could think of that was dangerous enough to hide so completely. Indeed if it wasn’t for the building overhead having been destroyed in the battle this chamber would have remained undiscovered forever.

“Come with me” Ashe commanded to her bodyguard before turning back to the hidden chamber.

As a strong minded woman dedicated to the protection of her country and people she headed down into the forgotten chamber, her loyal bodyguard Cloud walking by her side, looking for any danger that could befall his lady. They walked down a very short, cramped corridor before they came to an altar at its end.

A feeling of danger passed over Ashe and she signaled Cloud to wait a few feet behind her. Truthfully speaking she was stronger then her bodyguard in the ways of combat and seen and fought in more battles then he probably ever would, she only allowed him to follow her as protection as it put the minds of the people and the nobles at ease for her to “be protected”. However, in this situation she had no desire for him to get in her way if there was any real danger down here.

Quietly she approached the altar and finally saw what was placed upon it. Her heart surged with relief when she it wasn't a piece of Nethecite, it was just some silly wooden mask. Ashe picked the Mask up and began to closely inspect it.

“What an ugly thing, what’s it doing down here”?

With that’s said Ashe turned the Mask over and began to carefully inspect, there had to be a reason it was down here like this.

Suddenly Cloud came barreling down from his spot behind her in her direction.

“ Please milady, it could be dangerous let me inspect it for you..”

Unfortunately in the cramped space Cloud accidentally bumped into Princess Ashe’s shoulder as she was closely inspecting the odd wooden Mask, sending her face straight into it. Without warning the mask began to take on an organic texture and spread across Ashe’s face, all the Princess could do was moan as her transformation began.

A passerby was walking past the newly uncovered tunnel when he saw a strange green light begin to emanate from it.


All the people in the Dalmascan marketplace could do was stare at their princess as she strutted through the marketplace with a sexy skip in her step. Besides the Princess’ altered attitude there was also something physically wrong with her. Her clothes where as they should be but her face had become lime green, malformed and taken on a plastic like texture. A look of madness gleamed in her eyes.

Mask Ashe stopped to take in the sights of the Marketplace and then said with grin,” Now that I’m here it’s gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight”.
MugenKeiji Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2009

Ummm dude...Jokerisdaking has commissioned a LOT of Mask pictures. The only reason they a chunk of them hit my gallery in the first place is because I happen to color them. ^_^;


Now for the picture...

I keep saying this, but Slayde's semi-realistic style is an interesting direction to take Mask commissions.

You could argue that this is as close as you could get in terms of seeing what a female Mask would look like in film...even though Ashe's from a video game.

I'm getting ahead of myself like an arrogant fool but imagine if someone actually cosplayed based out our commissions XD
HazardGallantmon Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2009
I have to admit that this is pretty good.

It is a good intergation of game scenery with the picture the Ashe/Mask drawing is quite good.

I'm surprised that you have one of your own 'Female Mask' pictures.

Later and best wishes!
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August 22, 2009
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